Markets in Develoment Briefing to Resume

Every once in a while, to keep our sanity, we have to step back from the financial markets, recharge batteries, read, study and come back ready to strap in begin anew. I decided to take a month off this summer. It ended up being two. With a refreshed mind and body I am ready for a more intense analysis and to once again resume The Markets in Development Briefing. I plan on giving a complete analysis in the coming weekend.

I very much appreciate all of the subscribers who wrote and expressed how much they relied on the analysis and were looking forward to its resumption.

As most know, October can be a very volatile month in the financial markets. Add to this an impending mid-term election in the US and we have the makings of some very important moves. Remember, it is not our position to predict the information that comes into the markets or the direction. Our job is to understand when information will come that can have an effect on the participants determination of value and then to analyze the strength or weakness of any vertical development move.

The next three months should be very interesting, exciting and provide many opportunities to be both long and short.

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