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When approaching any financial instrument it is important to understand the trend of price in multiple timeframes.  That will lead to the development of a sound strategy offering areas of trade location.  Knowing the strength or weakness of any trend coming into an area of unfair price offers an edge in placing trades.  These Action Reports (Blog) discusses various Market developments and offer possible trade ideas.

Action Reports

Stock Indices Strengthen Internally

The Stock Indices moved higher in today’s trading, supported by an increase in breadth. This does suggest the possible continuation of the rally off Monday’s...

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Stock Indices Break Important Support

The Stock Indices broke important support today. Additionally, the internals confirmed the breakout. Breadth was at a rare extreme and volume was very good. This...

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Markets in development briefing

Developing real-time strategies and short term analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of any move in the Stock Indices, Metals, and Oil Complex.


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