Why Traders Fail:

Planning Your Way to Success

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Stock Indices Show No Impulsiveness In Either Direction

The Stock Indices are showing no impulsiveness in either direction. While they are holding at important support levels, they have been unable to break through as a result of the lack of impulsiveness. That can change very quickly. However, if they cannot break through soon, then the rotational pattern may

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Indices Dump. Internals Collapse

Today’s move lower was certainly supported by the market internals. It is important to remember that markets run and pause in all degrees of time. While there is a possibility of a continuation of selling tomorrow, keep in mind the Market is extremely oversold. If fear hits the Market, being

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Trading and investing is a competitive business environment. We offer books and white papers to navigate the markets and analyze results.

Markets in development briefing

Developing real-time strategies and short term analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of any move in the Stock Indices, Metals, and Oil Complex.

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Stay up to date with free overviews of intermediate term support and resistance levels directly to your email.

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We’ve mentored and trained many individuals who have gone on to be successful traders and investors.

Why Traders Fail:

Planning Your Way to Success

Trading and investing is a highly competitive environment. Yet, most people trade without any planning, management and control. The planning process should be applied in two different areas. This book provides an advantage by teaching planning as a business and then planning, managing and controlling each individual trade position.

Proper planning for the business and the trade will give you an edge over 90% of the other traders and investors who neglect this very important ingredient to success.

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Joseph James LLc

Joseph James LLC and Joe Mertes have formed over sixty investment partnerships. The purpose of those partnership was the acquisition and development of various investment business entities throughout the southeast.

It has always been the vision of those entities to enhance performance, provide for needed development and for a fair return on investment. Those entities offered the ability for investors to provide capital in their local communities and participate in the eventual development and growth of those communities. Additionally, they offered much needed financing for turnaround situations or needed development in the communities in which they existed. Finally, private funds have been formed for the purpose of investing in publicly traded stock and other short term obligations with the goal of producing above average returns.