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GrowSmart Capital provides subscribers an edge in the financial markets through selective analysis, entries and trade management. This is accomplished through:

  • Identifying companies aligned with the theme and objectives of our services,
  • Analyzing fundamental rankings, price development and structure,
  • Delivering recommendations, entry signals, stop management and exit strategies.

Our recommendation services are designed for use within an existing portfolio or as individual components in a broader, more diversified investment strategy. In this way, our clients can select and subscribe to the service(s) that best compliments their existing investments and investment strategy.

Start your free trial to Investor/RT now and experience:
  • The most powerful and flexible charting package available.
  • The most advanced volume analytics and market profiling tools.
  • Seamless trading integration with OEC, Rithmic, Transact/Infinity, Interactive Brokers, CQG, TTNET.
  • A comprehensive library of highly customizable indicators.
  • Simulated trading with market playback.
  • Third party extensions, educators and brokerages.