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Why Traders Fail

Planning Your Way to Success

How To Trade Unfair Price Levels

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Trading and investing is the most competitive business environment. Yet, most people begin trading their own money without any thought to planning, management and control. The planning process should be applied in two different areas: planning the business and planning the trade. This book provides a tremendous advantage to those who are interested in trading and investing by planning as a business and then planning, managing and controlling each individual trade position. If you want to turn you investing around or improve on your performance, this book will provide the path to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Proper planning for the business and the trade will give you an edge over 90% of the other traders and investors who neglect this very important ingredient to success.

Unfair prices exist when a trend comes to an end and profit taking begins. The opposite is true in a downtrend. Knowing where those levels are in various time frames can offer excellent areas of trade location. Having that information can help significantly in tactical entries, profit projections and stop management. There saying, “the trend is your friend” is certainly true. However, understanding where the market has determined price to be too high or low, offers a significant edge in trade management.


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