For The Trader and Investor


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For The Trader and Investor

In today’s economic environment the old adage, “buy and hold” is no longer valid. Investors who held stocks in 2000 waited sixteen years for their stocks to get back to where they were. Eight years later the markets crashed again. Those who held positions waited eight years to regain those price levels.

In any business, especially trading and investing, it is important when things are going well to ask why. It is even more important to be prepared for trend changes.

It is the market participants who decide on whether value is higher or lower. Certainly fundamental news events and technical patterns will influence investor decision, but in the end, it is the fear and greed of the investment community who decides on whether prices are higher or lower.

Using the “Profile” chart and an analysis of the structure of any price trend in multiple timeframes, we can discern with a high probability where areas of support and resistance are and whether a financial instrument will be extending the trend in vertical development or will rotate back to “value”.

Our books, papers, courses and analysis are all designed to assist the trader/investor in their own analysis to take advantages of both up and down moves in any instrument(s) you decide to trade or invest in.