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Training & Education

The Course

Learn how to analyze any financial instrument using price development and price structure to determine important areas of trade location, support and resistance in multiple timeframes.

We are currently working on an updated course and will offer it soon.  Join our waiting list to get notified when it is available.

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Private Coaching

Over the years, we have mentored and trained many individuals who have gone on to be successful traders and investors. There is no “holy grail” to trading and investing. Most technical indicators give lagging information. However, there is a way to gain knowledge and information directly from the markets and act on that information, as if you were standing in the pit trading.


Trading and investing is a competitive business environment. We offer books and white papers to navigate the markets and analyze results.

Markets in development briefing

Developing real-time strategies and short term analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of any move in the Stock Indices, Metals, and Oil Complex.

Action Reports

Stay up-to-date with a free overview of intermediate term support and resistance levels.