Private Coaching

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Over the years, we have mentored and trained many individuals who have gone on to be successful traders and investors. There is no “holy grail” to trading and investing. Most technical indicators give lagging information. However, there is a way to gain knowledge and information directly from the markets and act on that information, as if you were standing in the pit trading.

Through the use of multiple timeframe analysis, and understanding the development of price in those timeframes and analyzing the strength or weakness of those trends, areas of good trade location can be developed, resulting in much greater reward to risk trades.

Using the Time Price Opportunity chart along with a volume analysis and understanding other market internals, you will be able to analyze any market or instrument as it is developing, thus increasing the probability for success in each trade and realizing greater rewards.

How It Works

The Mentoring Program begins with a free assessment of each client’s level of knowledge and experience and their goals for the program. Then, a complete curriculum is developed. The amount of time involved and the price is completely dependent on the curriculum for each individual.

What's INcluded

All sessions are online. A recording is made so clients can go back and review the material. Sessions are interactive and questions are encouraged.

Mentoring clients also receive a free subscription to the Briefing for six months from the start of the sessions.

Contact us for a questionnaire and Price.