Just Published! “Why Traders Fail” Planning Your Way To Success

I am pleased to announce the publishing of my new book WHY TRADERS FAIL. You can click the hyperlink and it will take you to the Amazon page where you can buy it as a Paperback or eBook.

Over the years I have made many of my own trading mistakes and have worked with others in trying to help them overcome their errors. There is one common function most ignore: Planning your trading business and Planning your trades.

I was speaking at an investment seminar some years ago on the importance of planning the trading business and planning the trades. One of the individuals, who had been struggling with success, commented that he had planned and sold to very large, successful businesses and he had done elaborate planning for both. He never considered planning for his trading business. John returned to New Zealand, drafted a business plan and went on to become a successful financial trader.

This book takes you through the planning functions of approaching your trading and investing as a business. Find your vision through the vision statement. From there, learn how to establish long and short-term objectives. Organize for success. Developing a strategy before executing tactically is critical. Finding proper trade location is important before considering a tactical entry. Consider risk management techniques. Most importantly, setup and manage specific financial goals and then control, not just the business but your trades as well.

The book will help the novice trader to the experienced professional establish the planning, organization, management and control functions that will help in success. Most individual traders and investors don’t know how to evaluate performance. The book takes you through the specific goal setting process that tells you when corrective action needs to be taken and how to manage risk appropriately for success.

It is my hope and desire the book will assist many in determing how to control their trades and the trader through proper control procedures.


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